The first stripping app

Undress a girl for free

DeepStrip is a neural network application for undressing girls using photographs. Get a photo of your naked friend in the best quality in 20 seconds!

What can DeepStrip do?

Ever since clothes appeared, the world has been divided into those who have nothing to wear and those who want to undress first. And when you really want to, then you can. You upload a photo, and the neural network takes off your clothes like an experienced seducer - very quickly and very confidently. Everything secret will become clear. Revolution in the world of deepfake. Realistic nudes are just a click away.

Let's undress the girl in the best quality

The DeepStrip stripping app is powered by artificial intelligence. We trained the neuron on millions of images so that the picture was of high quality. Our undresser removes clothes realistically and without signs of AI technology

We'll undress the girl in the photo in 20 seconds

Our neural network undresses faster than competitors applications. The naked photo will be ready 20 seconds after the source is loaded into the nudifier. Fast generation of naked bodies - the result of training using DeepNude algorithms

Lowest processing price

You can undress your friend for 75 rubles or even cheaper if you buy a package of generations. We spent a lot of time and money on training the neural network, but we kept the lowest price for our clients. You can test the service for free. The result of free stripping will be slightly blurred
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Answers to questions

We have prepared answers to the most popular questions

How to register in the DeepStrip striper?

The site contains content intended for adults. By using our application, you confirm that you are 18+. To undress a girl online, go through a quick registration using your login and password. We process your personal data only for verification purposes and guarantee complete confidentiality.

How to use the service?

Just three steps to undress a girl from a photo:

  • Step 1 – register and upload a photo.
  • Step 2 – start generation and get a photo with a little blur.
  • Step 3 – buy processing and see high quality photos.

If you have already used online undressing machines, the results will exceed your expectations. Most nudifiers are not able to recreate a naked body with such realism. By removing clothes, they generate a similar pattern, and our neural network, analyzing body parameters, intuitively creates very realistic and juicy shapes.

How to undress a woman in the best possible way?

Simple poses and frontal photos work best, with the face and figure turned towards the observer. Before uploading to the locker room, crop the photo so that the figure occupies a central and key place in the photo. It’s good when clothes contrast with skin color (do not blend in) and are tight-fitting. If you have options, choose sources where the girl’s hair is thrown back and her arms are calmly lowered. At the same time, our neural network can cope with wide clothes, a fur coat, and a low-quality photograph.

How much does it cost to undress a photo?

We offer 5 packages that differ in price, but provide similar speed and quality. To try (and make sure that we are the best), buy 2 photos for 150 ₽. Or any of the packages at a discount:

  • 5 generations – 330 ₽ (10% discount);
  • 10 generations – 630 ₽ (15% discount);
  • 25 generations – 1500 ₽ (20% discount);
  • 50 generations – 2800 ₽ (25% discount).

20 seconds after payment you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful form of art - the naked body. Please be reminded that you must be at least 18 years of age and are responsible for the ethical handling of photographs.

What methods can I pay for?

Our service accepts payment by Russian Federation cards, via SBP, QIWI and cryptocurrency. For any technical questions, please contact support. Your feedback helps us develop.

How legal and safe is this?

When using the DeepStrip service, follow the principles of consent and privacy, respecting the rights and boundaries of the people whose photos you want to upload to the striper. We do not support unethical (non-consensual or harmful) use of the application and advocate for the responsible use of the power of neural networks. In turn, we never store the generation results, guaranteeing compliance with the law on privacy and other legal norms.

Do you have a bot for Telegram?

Our Telegram Bot for undressing girls from photos works in literally 3 clicks. You need to go to TG, register and click on the “Undress the girl” button. After that, upload a photo of your friend into the bot, with whom you want to take off her clothes and see her naked. The bot will undress her in 20 seconds. You will see the photo with a slight blur. In order to see a naked girl without blur, buy processing. Prices in the bot for undressing in Telegram start from only 150 rubles for 2 photos.

The evolution of neural networks for undressing

The history of neural networks that undress based on photos began with the DeepNude application. Its developer was a man with the pseudonym Alberto. Artificial intelligence inspired Alberto to undertake a natural experiment - to create a website that undresses girls based on photos. Four days later the project was closed.

Haters, mostly women, forced the creator of the world's first undresser to report that “the world is not ready yet.” As it turned out later, the world was ready. Copies of the legendary DeepNude went from hand to hand, and programmers urgently began developing analogue applications.

Soon everyone who wanted to undress girls for free had access to a large number of sites and bots that remove clothes online. Such a pleasant leisure time was marred by one thing - the low quality of the photos. It turned out that undressing a person does not mean undressing him well.

The neural network must undergo deep training in order to be able to expose it naturally. Our website (a bot for undressing in Telegram will appear in the near future) is created on the basis of a progressive neural network that recognizes, analyzes and generates with high detail and realism.

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